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BUSD has a robust course and curriculum adoption process.  

The course outline drives the instruction and content taught in classrooms at the High School Level.  Each course is written in alignment with requirements from the University of California (UC) portal.  This supports the courses becoming A-G approved by the UC System. Once a course is written, it is presented to the District Curriculum Council for support.  After that, the course is presented to the BUSD School Board for approval.  Course outlines can be viewed by contacting Benicia or Liberty High Schools.

When the District is considering a new curriculum adoption, staff review California Standards and use an adoption tool (linked below) to preview potential materials.  Staff then identify materials to pilot.  During this process, piloted materials are available for review by the public.  After each pilot, the team evaluates the materials using a rigorous process and protocol. Final curricula are brought to the BUSD School Board for adoption. A list of adopted curricula can be found in each site’s School Accountability Report Card (SARC.)

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