We are continuing to adhere to the CDPH guidelines, which includes the mandate to wear masks indoors at any of our school sites or facilities.

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BUSD is committed to offering programs that support all learners.  Enrichment, intervention and alternative educational opportunities have been established to meet the needs of each learner.


Below you will find an interactive list of programs currently offered by Benicia Unified School District.

Career Tech Ed (CTE)
The ECH2O Academy is an outstanding Career Tech Pathway being offered at Benicia High School. Funding for the ECH2O academy is strong through grants, state and federal funding and local community funders.

BUSD will expand our CTE pathway by adding ICT and Robotics both funded through grants in collaboration with Contra Costa County Office of Education and Solano County Office of Education and in partnership with the local community colleges. Giving students access to these pathways enhance college and career readiness skills.

College and Career Readiness
Students will develop a 6 year college and career plan that enables them to connect their academic achievement to post secondary goals.


  • Continue College and Career Fair at BMS, BHS and Liberty
  • Parent Education to help parents develop college and career plan TK- 12
  • Consider a location change for College and Career Center to increase access
  • Implementation of Naviance College support software for all 8th grade students
  • Increase Scholarship and Internship Opportunities at BHS and Liberty
  • Career Center open full day at BHS
  • Increase communication of college and career opportunities for parents and students through PowerSchool Parent Portal, Site and District website and Google Sites.
  • All students at Liberty will complete the FAFSA
  • Continue Workability and Intern projects for students
EL Instruction and Services
BUSD offers research-based programs and support services for English learners. Students are identified through the Home Language Survey and the CELDT assessment. Once identified, ELs access the common core academic content standards as part of their core instructional program. This includes differentiated instruction within the general education classroom setting and small group instruction to ensure EL students acquire full proficiency in English as rapidly and effectively as possible. Our primary focus is closing the achievement gap between ELs and their native English-speaking peers.

BUSD’s Instructional Model will be based on GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) strategies. Project GLAD is recognized by the United States Department of Education Project of Academic Excellence and has been highlighted as a California Department of Education “Best Practices” program for Title III professional development funding.

EL small group intensive support services will be implemented at the elementary level by our intervention teachers. In 2014, we will expand professional development opportunities in GLAD instruction to K-3 teachers in the district. The training is a 5-day intensive training that will be offered August 28,29 and September 22 – 25. CELDT testing will take place the first month of school lead by our elementary and secondary TOSAs and administered by our Intervention team. Newly identified students will be placed in appropriate support by the intervention team.

Our goal is to increase the number of parents participating in DELAC this year. We invite parents to join us at our DELAC meetings. The dates for DELAC this year are —-. Meetings will take place at the District Office in our boardroom from 3:30-4:30.

BUSD offers enrichment programs based on critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. A focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) will ensure that student opportunities expand all content areas. Project-based learning and individual learning projects will ensure differentiation for students within core academic learning.

Currently, BUSD offers the Odyssey of the Mind program for students qualifying for GATE in grades 4-8. Over 75 students participated in this program in 2013-14.

We will also be expanding the enrichment opportunities for our students. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive list of sessions that stretch the content areas enabling all students to develop their talents, stretch their skills and demonstrate higher level thinking skills beyond the school day. Some avenues being explored include Robotics, Breakfast Book Club, Drama, Chess, and Arts Benicia classes. Sign ups for these classes will be distributed through school and district newsletters.

In grades 9-12, we will continue to increase course access with new AP, elective and CT Pathways for all students including acceleration opportunities through on-line learning.

District Enrichment Programs

BUSD will offer enrichment programs based on critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills.  A focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) will ensure that student opportunities expand all content areas. Project-based learning and individual learning projects will ensure differentiation for students within core academic learning.


  • Odyssey of the Mind program 4-8.
  • Increase course access and opportunities for all students including acceleration opportunities through online learning, independent study, AP courses
  • CTE Pathway
    • ECH2O Academy
    • Robotics 6-12
    • Information Communication Technology
  • Music Program
    • Instrumental Music -Grades 4-12
    • Vocal Music Grades 1-3
  • STEAM wheel at elementary level – SYAR grant matching funds ($10,000)
  • Technology Integration Specialist
    • Alignment to ISTE standards and District Competency Standards
Intervention Specialists
BUSD will offer a targeted intervention model based on specific identified needs of each student. Our model of support offers a wide range of programs and services. We identify students based on multiple measures and offer differentiated instruction within the classroom as well as pullout programs, before/afterschool tutorials and companion courses that are specifically designed to ensure academic success for all students and reduce the achievement gap.

A district intervention team has established specific criteria for each identified program including the profile of a student, progress monitoring assessments and metrics for measuring success. The intervention team meets monthly to monitor student progress, identify needs and make program adjustments.

Title 1
The purpose of this title is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.

Four schools in BUSD qualify for Title I funding and support, Benicia Middle School, Liberty High School, Mary Farmar Elementary, and Robert Semple Elementary.

Parent Compacts: Robert SempleMary FarmarBenicia Middle School, Liberty High School

Parent Meetings will be held in the fall at each school receiving Title I funding.