Starting Monday, March 14, masks are strongly recommended, but not required.  BUSD will continue to adhere to CDPH guidelines.

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Technology Ordering

In an effort to streamline the technology ordering process, and improve overall time to deployment, the IT department will now be generating technology quotes through the use of this form. Through this process, we will also be standardizing the majority of our technology purchases. While not all Instructional needs fit the standardized device, we feel that in many cases standardization will save time, money, and simplify training. Our team has spent many hours piloting and testing devices and feel confident in the devices presented on the form. Towards the end of the form, there is a section for other items that we will also consider. We welcome feedback and hope to continually improve the process.

Technology Procurement Overview

1. Fill out Technology Quote Generations Form (IT will email quote in PDF Format to submitter)
2. Site Office Manager/Staff will utilize the quote to create a requisition in Escape.
3. IT Department will approve the requisition in the Escape Queue.
4. IT Department will provide updates on technology orders upon request. Please email for updates.

Please acknowledge that this is a “QUOTE” only and does not generate the Requisition for purchase. Purchasing must still be done at the “site” level using the Escape Financial system.

Thank you,
IT Department