Starting Monday, March 14, masks are strongly recommended, but not required.  BUSD will continue to adhere to CDPH guidelines.

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System Down Time

Planned Downtime:

From time to time, it will be necessary to make systems unavailable for the purpose of performing upgrades, maintenance, or housekeeping tasks. The goal of these tasks to is to ensure maximum system performance and prevent future system failures. The following activities fall within the definition of Planned Downtime:

  • Application of patches to operating systems and other applications in order to fix vulnerabilities and bugs, add functionality, or improve performance.
  • Monitoring and checking of system logs.
  • Security monitoring and auditing.
  • Disk defragmentation, disk cleanup, and other general disk maintenance operations.
  • Required upgrades to system physical memory or storage capacity.
  • Installation or upgrade of applications or services.
  • System performance tuning.
  • Regular backup of system data for the purpose of disaster recovery.

In the event that any of these activities will require downtime to perform, every effort will be made to perform the procedure during off-hours in order to minimize the impact on those who use the affected system(s) or services. The following time periods will be used to carry out Planned Downtime activities:

  • Start Time 8:00 pm
  • End Time 5:00 am
  • Summer break

Although we try to schedule down time for the weekends, on occasion it may be necessary to have Planned Downtime during weekdays and or regular business hours.  If this is the case, then this Planned Downtime will be communicated to identified users of affected resources using a site wide outage notice.

Emergency Downtime:

Unexpected circumstances may arise where systems or services will be interrupted without prior notice. Every effort will be made to avoid such circumstances. If the affected system(s) cannot be brought back online within 30-60~ minutes, we will attempt to notify affected users.