Starting Monday, March 14, masks are strongly recommended, but not required.  BUSD will continue to adhere to CDPH guidelines.

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Governing Board Policy 5131.2 defines bullying as ” through physical, written, verbal, or other means, harass, sexually harass, threaten, intimidate, cyberbully, cause bodily injury to, or commit hate violence against any other student or school personnel.” The policy goes on to state that the Board recognizes the harmful effects of bullying on student learning and school attendance. Students who have information about individuals being bullied (even if the individual is themselves) should fill out the form below and give it to a staff member or mail it to the district office (350 East K Street).

Any student who engages in bullying whether on school property or off campus in a manner that causes or might cause a disruption to a school activity or school attendance, shall be subject to discipline, which may include suspension or expulsion