Benicia Unified School District

December 14th Board Meeting Summary

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Posted On: December 8, 2017

The board meeting will begin at 7pm with the Annual Reorganization for the Governing Board. The Trustees will confirm Diane Ferrucci as President, appoint a Clerk and other committee members and approve the schedule of meetings for the 2018 year.

Next up Dr. Leslie Beatson, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services and Mrs. Stephanie Rice, Coordinator of Education Services will present a report on the District’s progress monitoring of the actions, services, and local data in the Strategic Plan-LCAP. In addition, they will report on the District’s performance on the State Accountability Measures and Dashboard.

The final items of interest are the 2017 Audits of the BUSD financials and the BUSD Measure S Bond financials, and the 1st Interim Financial Report for 2017/18.

The audits will be presented by our auditor, James Marta. Tim Rahil, CBO, will present the 2017/18 1st Interim Financial Report for the Benicia Unified School District using the information from the State-approved 2017/18 Budget, and other budget assumptions.

The entire packet can be viewed at