Benicia Unified School District

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

BUSD ensures that historically marginalized students’ voices, cultures, identities, and stories are valued and celebrated. To assure all of our students thrive, BUSD will dismantle barriers and advance policies and practices that support our diverse community.


Where all students achieve at their highest potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment.

We believe:

  • Students reach their potential when they are engaged, encouraged, challenged and supported in the pursuit of their interests, passions and talents
  • All students are creativeunique and can learn
  • Education is a collaborative effort among students, staff, parents, guardians and the community
  • In valuing the diversity of students, staff and the community
  • Every student has a voice that deserves to be heard 
  • Safe and welcoming schools help students and staff reach their potential
  • Educational experiences for students and staff are continually improved through systems of accountability
  • Education must be purposeful, challenging and innovative

Characteristics of a Benicia Graduate:

  • Inquisitive with a desire to be lifelong learners
  • Self-sufficient, self-motivated and socially responsible individuals
  • Fully prepared and equipped for college or career in the 21st Century
  • Collaborative, creative, critical thinkers with strong communication skills
  • Compassionate, respectful and possess a high degree of integrity
  • Resilient with the willingness to persevere
  • Innovative, entrepreneurial and adaptable 
  • Globally aware and environmentally responsible citizens 
  • Capable of recognizing the talents in themselves so they can be fulfilled, compassionate and engaged individuals

BUSD staff has engaged in ongoing professional development to support us on this journey.  Staff have identified many areas of inquiry that need exploration and addressing.  These areas are linked to each of our 4 Strategic Plan-LCAP Goals and are in the following categories: curriculum/instruction, community/relationships, system/policies, accountability/assessment, staffing/support, and communication/outreach. 

The Equity Dashboard charts our Districts progress in each of the categories listed above.  Progress is represented using a color scale: red means that District is committed to the work, but hasn’t started yet; yellow indicates work in this area has begun, blue means that the work is fully implemented, and green indicates that the work is fully implemented and is at the monitoring stage.