Benicia Unified School District

The Benicia Unified School District Child Development Unit (CDU) offers a range of programs to meet the needs of the children and families in Benicia. There are full cost preschool programs at all of our Elementary schools. We also operate income eligible subsidized State Preschools. Each of the elementary schools have on site after school care.  There are full cost options, subsidized after school care or the Extended Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP).

Program Philosophy

The CDU believes that quality early childhood development and afterschool programs must meet the needs of the whole child. We also recognize that parents are the primary caregivers and educators of their children. 

We recognize the importance of play in the learning process for young children. We work to empower children, promote individuality and develop strong partnerships with families while creating a safe, nurturing environment that helps young children attain physical, cognitive, social, language and emotional achievements to be prepared for school.

We believe that a child’s lifelong attitude toward learning can be changed by positive early experiences appropriate to his/her development. All children benefit from early group experiences to the extent that individual differences are considered and provisions made to meet each child’s needs and capabilities. 

Each family brings a history of life experience and cultural heritage that is respected and valued within our schools. Partnerships between families and the school are essential to the growth and development of each individual child.

Mission Statement

The mission of the CDU is to provide safe, warm, welcoming environments for students and families to be actively engaged through innovation and creativity.

Goal and Objectives
  • We strive to provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for young children and their families as equal partners in the education of their children. 
  • Our goal is for families to know where to access community health and social services to meet their unique family needs and ensure students have access to healthy meals during the program.
  • Our goal is to ensure all children are making progress in the domains of physical, cognitive, language, and social – emotional development and to provide a program that is inclusive of children with special needs. 
  • We work to provide a high quality environment in line with the Quality Rating Improvement System and ensure our teachers and staff are equipped with all the information necessary to carry out their assigned duties.

Child Development Unit Contacts

Dr. June Regis

Director of Child Development

Phone: 707-747-8367

Erica Dudley

Coordinator of Child Development

Phone: 707-747-8367

Diane Altman

CDU Program Specialist

-State Preschool/Afterschool Enrollment
-State Preschool Billing

Phone: 707-748-1872

Shamia Gardley

CDU Administrative Assistant

-Preschool/Afterschool Enrollment
-Curacubby billing and FAQ

Phone: 707-747-8367

Michael Robinson

ELOP Program Specialist

-ELOP Enrollment
-Afterschool/ELOP Support

Phone: 707-747-8367