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Business Services

The functions of the Business Office are to plan, organize, coordinate, and manage the finance, budgeting, auditing, and financial planning requirements of the District. It works closely with the other departments including Maintenance & Operations, Food Services, Technology and Childcare. The Business Office coordinates the fiscal program of the District with the instructional program. It provides fiscal oversight for all student body funds and supervises attendance accounting and reporting according to County, State, and Federal requirements. The Business Office directs the maintenance of inventory control of fixed assets, buildings, and equipment. The Business Office processes payroll, employee benefits, accounts payable, accounts receivable and deposits.

Board Resolution Regarding the Education Protection Account

Resolution No. 21-22-03
In compliance with Article XIII, Section 36(e), with the California Constitution, the governing board of the Benicia Unified School District has determined to spend the monies received from the Education Protection Act on non-administrative certificated salaries and/or benefits.    


2020/21 Actual EPA Revenues and Expenditures: $ 6,343,240  


Business Services Contacts

Timothy Rahill

Chief Business Official

Regina Webber

Accounting Supervisor

* Budget & Budget Transfers
* Financial System – Escape
* Internal Controls
* Requisition Approvals
* SACS Reporting
* Student Attendance (ADA/Enrollment)
* Sales and Use Tax

Phone: 707-747-8300 x1022

Siobhan Mara

Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

* Classified Employee Payroll
* Payroll Account Codes – Timesheets
* W-2’s
* Garnishments
* Employee Benefits
* Retiree Benefit Invoicing

Phone: 707-747-8300 x1249

Premwadee (Mui-C) McLouth

Accounting Technician

* Accounts Payable
* Contracts
* New Vendor Set-up
* Requisitions/Purchase Orders

Phone: 707-747-8300 x1216

Jason Austin

Payroll Technician

* Certificated Employee Payroll
* Section 125
* W-2’s
* Garnishments

Phone: 707-747-8300 x1214

Emily McGuire

Accounting Technician

* Accounts Receivable
* ASB Reconciliations
* Cash Receipts & Deposits
* Invoicing & Billing
* Employee Leaves
* Developer Fees
* Bond

Phone: 707-747-8300 x1218

Rebecca del Toro

Sr. Accounting Attendance Analyst

Business Services Forms