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This past weekend we had 16 members of the Benicia High Robotics Team compete in the regional RoboRave robotics competition in Silicon Valley.

We are extremely proud of all the effort the students put into their robots and their perseverance during the two-day event. Our four teams competed in 3 different events and every student walked away with a gold, silver or bronze medal (and cash prizes!)
Please help us congratulate the following students and Mr. Andreas Kaiser:

First place in Firefighting challenge: self-driving robot that navigates around a 16′ x 8′ area looking for fires (4 candles) to extinguish

Team Fire Furries:
  • Andrew Lim
  • Ployprajan Lorprasert
  • Eddy Wen
  • Noa Capulong
Second place in Line Following challenge: self-driving robot that follows a line back and forth and deposits ping pong balls in a goal
Team Panther:
  • PJ Morgan
  • Sawyer Dizon
  • Greg Jaugan
  • Tobechukwu Ohajunwa
Third place in Line Following challenge: 
Team Terry:
  • Talor Mari
  • Joseph Carvalho
  • Zach Lovett
  • Rafael Brett-Mounet

Second Place in Entrepreneurial: This team designed an interactive “store greeter” bot that amazed all who saw it.

Team Dragon Fire:
  • Victora Trovao
  • Evan Jennings
  • Matthew Laurence
  • Eduardo Cortes
Third Place in Team Presentations: Every team at the competition gave a presentation on their robot
Team Fire Furries:
  • Andrew Lim
  • Ployprajan Lorprasert
  • Eddy Wen
  • Noa Capulong