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BHS Graduate Stars in Hamilton!

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Posted On: February 20, 2019

Benicia High School 2011 graduate, Austin Scott, was a basketball player before he joined drama.  During his junior year, he was injured –during a game or practice, and he suffered an extensive injury to his spine. It required surgery, and he was out of school for several weeks if not months. This injury put an end to his Basketball ambitions.

Staff had always encouraged Austin to join drama. He was a member of the Improv Team, and he read beautifully in class. 

So, his senior year, finally healed (mostly) and finally having the time, Austin joined the cast of Beauty and the Beast. He was a very memorable Gaston! He found joy and success in performing and was soon performing roles in regional theatre companies around the Bay Area. Scott initially applied for “Hamilton” two years ago when he auditioned for a variety of roles, including George Washington and the dual role of Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette. He even received a string of callbacks where he auditioned in front of Miranda and the rest of the creative team. Ultimately, they decided he was too young to portray Washington and not the proper fit for Jefferson/Lafayette. Once again, he did not give up!

This week (Tuesday actually) after playing Hamilton for a year in the National Tour, he makes his Broadway debut as Alexander Hamilton, in the musical Hamilton.