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Monday Oct 28th: Air quality update 2

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Posted On: October 28, 2019

Dear Benicia Community,

As a follow-up to our communication early this morning, school is open in Benicia today.  If you choose to keep your child home due to air quality, your child will receive an excused absence.
We use as the official air monitoring website.  This is the site that BFD and our County use to monitor air quality.  Other sites, such as Purple Air, do not have monitoring regulations that can result in accurate readings.  

Solano County Public Health recommends the following:

  • For any school in Green and Yellow zones, we recommend schools remain open as there is little health concern for staff and students.

  • For any school in the Orange and Red zones, we recommend schools remain open and limit outdoor activity.  Staff and parents should be advised to determine if they or their child should remain home for health concerns.

  • For any school in the Purple and Maroon zones, we recommend schools be closed. Staff and students should remain indoors if possible.

  • Schools should be prepared for asthma exacerbations by making sure rescue inhalers are stocked and available.

As always we will continue to monitor the air quality and update our Benicia community as needed.

Charles Young