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BUSD DELAC (Virtual) Meeting Agenda
Date:  9/15/21
Time:  6:00- 7:00
Location:  Virtual ZOOM
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Meeting ID: 861 1975 7238
Passcode: 790152

Time Tiempo

Topic Tema

Facilitator Facilitador

Discussion Discusión

Action Acto


Welcome/Introductions/ Norms Bienvenida / Presentaciones / Normas Slides


*Introductions/Greetings: Identify what sites are represented. * Introducciones / Saludos: Identificar cuáles sitios están representados.

Spanish Translation provided if needed by Brenda Stracener Attendees/Schools represented: Stephanie Rice,  Ed Services Director  (District) Brenda Stracener, EL Coordinator (District)


ELAC/DELAC-What are they? ELAC / DELAC-¿Qué son ellos?


ELAC Schools: (21 or more students) Robert Semple           BMS Joe Henderson           BHS DELAC: All are welcome to attend even if sites do not have an ELAC. 



Supports for English Learners and Their Families Apoyos para los estudiantes de inglés y sus familias


Introduce June Regis: Adult Ed. Director &  Cara Lazarus ESL teacher

ESL Flyer


Feedback from Parents Comentarios de los padres

Stephanie/ Brenda

Strengths/Struggles/Suggestions Fortalezas / Luchas / Sugerencias

Questions & Comments Feedback Form


Future Discussion Topics/Follow Up: Temas de debate futuros  seguimiento


Next DELAC Meeting Date:  October 20, 2021



Thank you! Gracias!