Benicia Unified School District

Community Input Requested Regarding Trustee Area Maps-2020 Census Impact

Posted On: January 13, 2022

During the 2019-2020 school year, the District transitioned to a by-trustee area election system to ensure compliance with the California Voting Rights Act (“CVRA”).  The current Trustee Area map has been in place since then.  Every decade when the Census is released, the Board must review the new Census data on the current Trustee Area map to ensure population balance across each area.  If balance exists within the permissible deviation, the Board can re-adopt the same map for use in District Board elections until the next Census is released.  If the population is no longer balanced, the Board must adjust the map to regain population balance across the Trustee Areas.

A demographer has confirmed that the current Trustee Area map is no longer balanced based on the new Census data.  The demographer has prepared 3 adjusted map options designed to regain population balance across the Trustee Areas.  Please review Scenarios 1, 2, and 3 and share your preference with the Board at the next Board meetings on January 20 and February 3.

NOTE: There is an icon in the top right that looks like a stack of papers.  If you click that you can select which scenario you would like to see.  To view the legend it’s the icon next to that.  You can also zoom in and out using the “+” and “–“ signs on the left. When you click on a section within the map it should give you the counts for the particular census block the district was asking for.