Measure S Bond Information

Faced with aging classrooms, the need to bring school facilities up to current standards, and to provide equity among District schools, the Board of Trustees of the Benicia Unified School District placed a local school improvement measure on the June 2014 ballot. Measure S, a $49.6 million general obligation (G.O.) bond program, passed.

Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee Opening:

The Benicia Unified School District (BUSD) seeks members for the BUSD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) for the Measure S School Facility Program.   As required by law, the CBOC was established on October 4, 2014, and has met quarterly since then. The purpose of the CBOC is to inform the public, review bond expenditures and present an Annual Report to the School Board. There are three  open vacancies on the 7-member committee.  The term of each member is 2 years, and no member may serve more than three consecutive terms. In order to be considered for the committee, an application must be completed and submitted to the BUSD Superintendent’s Office at 350 East K Street in Benicia. The applicant must also belong to one of the following categories:  1) a senior citizens organization;  2) a bona fide tax payers organization or 3) a local resident at large. The BUSD Superintendent will review the applications and then bring a recommendation to the School Board to appoint to the CBOC at a school board meeting. Applications may be picked up at the BUSD District Office at 350 East K Street, or from the BUSD website at www.beniciausd.org, under the tab for Measure S.


Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

The Committee will meet quarterly in the Benicia Unified School District Board Room, 350 East K Street.   The next meeting is scheduled for April 21st, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. 

The Oversight Committee will meet at least once a year and will inform the public about the expenditure of bond revenues. The primary role of the Committee is to review expenditures and confirm they are consistent with projects which were identified on the voter ballot.  Per The Brown Act, meetings are open to the public, anyone can attend the Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee meetings. The Committee can only take action on items that are listed on the agenda. Each speaker is limited to not more than three minutes under Public Comments and three minutes on non-public hearing agenda items. No one may speak more than once on an agenda item or during “public comments.” After having heard from the public, the agenda item will be closed to the public. Deliberations will then be limited to members of the Committee.

The Governing Board considered and approved members for the Oversight Committee at the Board meeting on October 14th,  2014 and renewed and or re-appointed members at each term as they became open. The current Committee consists of: Scott Burford (Chair); David Sells; Todd Blaettler; and Andre Lewis.  


Summary of Major Bond Projects To Date:


Completed Bond Projects:

1. Technology Infrastructure Upgrades all schools

2. Phone System all schools

3. Playground upgrades at all Elementary Schools

4. Roof at Benicia Middle School

5. Roof at Mary Farmar Elementary School

6. Softball Field Bleachers

7. Exterior Painting at Benicia High School

8. Camera Security System at all schools

9. Benicia Middle School Fire Alarm Upgrade.

10. Clocks, Bells, PA upgrade and replacement all schools

11. Benicia High School Fire Alarm replacement.

12.  Benicia High School Stadium

13.  Mary Farmar Elementary School Fire Alarm Upgrades

14.  Robert Semple Elementary School Fire Alarm Upgrades

15.  HVAC upgrades

16.  Benicia High School and Benicia Middle School:  Tennis Courts Improvements

17.  BHS PAB lighting and electrical updates.

18.  JHES Fire Alarm upgrade

19.  Benicia Middle School Ph 1 Modernization






Bond Projects In-Construction:

1.  Matthew Turner Elementary School Fire Alarm Upgrades 

2.  HVAC upgrades

Prop 39 Projects Completed:

1.  Districtwide HVAC Thermostat replacement

2.  BHS and BMS transformer replacement project


Bond Project Expenditures as of December 31, 2019,  =


      For full detail of expenditures see

     attachments under the Citizens’ Bond

     Oversight Committee meeting Documents


Bond Projects In-Planning:

1.     Benicia Middle School Modernization, Phase 2: 

2.      Liberty High School Elementary School Fire Alarm Upgrades

3.     Mary Farmar Elementary School Modernization



Remaning Projects to be funded with Measure S Bond Monies

BHS Gym Floor

Alternative Education improvements

Liberty High School window replacement

Misc. infrastucture upgrades

Joe Henderson Elementary School Bathroom upgrades

Security Upgrades

Joe Henderson Elementary School Daycare upgrades




The projects were identified through a process that began with our Facilities Master Plan.  This document was developed via a series of public meetings at each school site as well as an evaluation for each building by the Architect for structural and other needs.  Recommendations were then brought to the Board and the document was approved in it’s format as shown in the link below.  Projects identified in the Phase 1 group are higher priority than projects in the Phase 2 group, et al.  The document is intended as a guide and can be modified by the District as needed.

Bond Documents

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Documents


Bond Project Photos and Additional Documents

Request for Proposal/Bids

The Request for Proposals and Bids for Measure S Bond projects are attached below. For questions email Bond Director Roxanne Egan at  regan@beniciaunified.org.

Benicia Unified School District Facilities Master Plan

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