We are continuing to adhere to the CDPH guidelines, which includes the mandate to wear masks indoors at any of our school sites or facilities.

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New Student Enrollment

During COVID-19

22/23 New student enrollment begins on February 1st

Welcome, New Families to Benicia Unified!

BUSD welcomes all new families to the school district and we want to make enrollment as efficient as possible.  BUSD is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. New student enrollment begins on February 1st of each school year for grade levels TK -12 and continues throughout the school year. New legislation passed that expands TK beginning next year. Students who turn 5 between September 2 and February 2 will be eligible to enroll in TK. Enrollment is for Benicia residents only. If you are interested in Pre K options please visit the Preschool & Child Development page.

  • Please go to the Inter-District Transfer tab for information on enrollment for students who reside outside of the District.
  • Students must turn 5 by September 1st to enroll in Kindergarten and must turn 5 between September 2 and February 2 to enroll in Transitional Kindergarten. These dates are firm and exceptions are not considered. 
  • Elementary parents can find the site where the enrollment will take place by going to the section “What school will my child attend?” under the parent tab. 
  • There is no guarantee that your student will attend that school, but early enrollment (in February) does assist with the process.
  • If you want your student to attend an elementary school that is not your resident school, please apply for Open Enrollment during the month of March. Please go to the Open Enrollment tab for more information.

The new student enrollment process involves a number of steps and requires that various documents be presented.  In an effort to keep with a no contact enrollment packet transmission due to COVID-19, please fill out this enrollment form for your student(s) for the upcoming school year. It is of the utmost importance that ALL of the enrollment documents be gathered and submitted at ONE time in order for the enrollment to be considered completed. This can all be done via email or a phone appointment can be made directly with the school site that your student will be attending.

Please call your school of residency in order to follow the proper enrollment procedures set by the schools. Enrollments will not be done in person or without all of the documents needed being submitted at one time. Do not submit any enrollment documents without contacting your school first.


One of the following is required to verify age and identity:

  • Birth Certificate: Original and Certified, Including Foreign Birth Certificates
  • Current Passport
  • A duly attested baptism certificate
  • Affidavits,  or any other appropriate means of proving the age of the child as permitted by law

2. VERIFICATION OF RESIDENCY in the Benicia Unified School District:

State law requires that public schools verify student residence. Board Policy number 5111, 5111.1, and 5111.2 of the Benicia Unified School District and Education Code 48204.6 provide that evidence of residency be submitted for each student desiring to attend schools within the district.

As evidence of residency within the Benicia Unified School District at a minimum, three documents will be required: These must be originals, the clerk will make a copy and sticky notes or a marker can be used to cover private information, such as price or other financial information as instructed below:


One document from Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3.
Category 1:
  • Current passport
  • Current Driver’s License- w/ current address
  • Current CA ID
  • Current Military ID

(ID showing current Benicia Address, may have 30 days if just recently moved)

Category 2:
  • Grant Deed/Mortgage Coupon to property of residence with imprinted parent name and address
  • Current property tax bill with imprinted parent/guardian name and address
  • Rental/Lease Agreement (must be an original and Manager cannot be a relative)

NOTE: Rental/Lease Agreement should include the following information:

    • Parent/Guardian name (s)
    • Indication that children will reside (names or number of children)
    • Manager or owner’s name and phone number
Category 3:
  • State or Federal Tax return with current imprinted label with parent/guardian name and address filed within the past 12 months with W-2 form attached
  • Payroll check stub with imprinted name and address of parent/guardian
  • Other form of identification or correspondence from a government agency or utility company or bank statement


(A notarized letter will be required for families living with relatives, along with all required documentation. The form will be supplied by the site registrar at the time of enrollment along with instructions.)

NOTE: Unannounced home visitations by a district residency verification officer may be conducted on an on-going basis during the student’s attendance in BUSD schools. If the Superintendent or designee, upon investigation, has determined that a student’s enrollment is based on false evidence, he/she shall revoke the student’s enrollment. The District may request verification of residency at any time.


Upon entrance to the district, every student must have an up-to-date immunization record supported by written documentation from a physician. New legislation (SB 277) states that, as of January 1, 2016, personal belief exemptions for state-mandated immunizations will no longer be accepted when registering students for school. Parents who choose not to immunize their student for school have the option of homeschooling or an independent study program. More information about SB 277 is available at shotsforschool.org. Children lacking one or more required vaccine doses but not currently due for a dose may be admitted conditionally. Documentation that remaining doses have been received will be required. If all conditions are not met, the students will be excluded from school attendance. Please read the Immunization Requirements below.



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