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Dr. Martin Luther King Reflection and Holiday

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Posted On: January 12, 2024

On Monday, January 15, 2024, the Benicia Unified School District will observe the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr holiday.

Dr. King was a central figure of the civil rights movement; his contributions gave advocacy to the underrepresented and a call to action or sense of duty to those in positions to facilitate change. The images from the Selma to Mongomery March, and the March on Washington, where he delivered the famous “I Have Dream Speech,” and many others clearly show people representing all walks of life united and fighting for change. Dr. King’s Dream inspires a world inclusive of diverse thoughts, beliefs, and physical characteristics, working together for a cohesive existence.

Personally, I thank Dr. King and many other civil rights leaders for trailblazing a path toward acceptance. As I reflect on the contributions of Dr. King, I wonder where I would be if he and many others did not dare to challenge injustices.

  • Would I have the right or the courage to challenge the status quo when obstacles based on my physical characteristics presented themselves? 

  • Would I have the courage to pursue higher education or leadership roles in my career? 

  • When I think about what Dr. King’s Dream means to me, the answer is simple: EVERYTHING. It opened doors and fostered self worth. 

  • What does Dr. King’s Dream mean to you? This holiday is a perfect opportunity to sit down and talk about what it all means with our children.

  • What is Dr. King’s influence on the District belief statements?

BUSD Equity Statement:

BUSD ensures that historically marginalized students’ voices, cultures, identities, and stories are valued and celebrated. To assure all of our students thrive, BUSD will dismantle barriers and advance policies that support our diverse community.

The District is closed on Monday, January 15, 2023, and we have a non-student day scheduled on Tuesday, January 16th. On behalf of the District, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful extended weekend.


Damon J. Wright, Ed.D.

Benicia Unified School District