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BUSD All Stars | March 26, 2024

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Posted On: March 26, 2024

David Sells – Special Education Assistant

David Sells is kind-hearted, always positive and integral to our Robert Semple team. He first came to Semple as a parent, became our PTG President, served as a yard duty supervisor, and is now an outstanding Special Education Assistant in our Resource Program. David is a role model for our youth. He is a perfect example of a lifelong learner and exemplifies always following your dreams. David is loved by everyone he comes into contact with, and if you ask any student how they feel about Mr. David, they will tell you that he cares about them. David is beyond worthy of this recognition. His contributions make him truly deserving of recognition. David’s impact on our school community is profound, and we are privileged to have him among us.

Davis Sells

Nathan Yrizarry – Resource Specialist

Nathan Yrizarry, or Nate to us, is a wonderful member of our Semple team. He’s fun-loving, hard-working, and truly dedicated. Nate started his journey at Semple as a parent before becoming a substitute teacher. It didn’t take long for him to realize his passion for working with students with special needs. So, Nate took the initiative and enrolled in a credential program. In his first year as a Resource Specialist at Robert Semple, he’s found his calling. Nate wasted no time in diving right in, and it’s clear that this is where he belongs.

Nate makes meaningful connections with students and, alongside their classroom teachers, helps them overcome their challenges and discover a love for learning. Always positive and encouraging, Nate is a true asset to our team.

We’re incredibly proud of Nate and all he’s accomplished and is accomplishing! He truly deserves this recognition and more. Nate, thank you for being a BUSD All-Star!

Nathan Yrizarry

Mitchell Philipsheck – Maintenance and Operations Groundskeeper

Mitchell Philipsheck is truly an outstanding groundskeeper within our District. He successfully maintains the grounds of the Joe Henderson and Liberty High.

Mitchell began working for BUSD as a substitute custodian and, in September 2016, joined the team full-time as a night custodian at Mary Farmar Elementary. Shortly after, Mitchell expressed interest in working with the maintenance team and became our go-to groundskeeper.

Always the helping hand, Mitchell has assisted with projects all across the District, including playground installations, irrigation repairs, asphalt repairs, IPM management, and graduation set-up, to name a few. Mitchell has a steadfast work ethic, a positive attitude, and a green thumb. Mitchell, you are our BUSD Groundskeeping All-Star!

Mitchell Philipsheck

Maribel Romero

Maribel Romero, Ms. Mari, oversees our preschool program at Matthew Turner Elementary with exceptional dedication and warmth. She cultivates a wonderful, engaging, and supportive environment where our students learn and thrive. Maribel’s kindness and strength shine through as she provides enriching plans tailored to each student’s needs. Her hard work ensures that every child receives the best possible learning experience, fostering a sense of joy and growth within the classroom.

Through engaging activities such as singing songs, painting, reading stories, and learning teamwork skills, Maribel creates a space where students eagerly come to school, and parents entrust their children with knowing they’ll receive an amazing experience. Her commitment to creating a nurturing and educational environment is truly commendable. Ms. Mari exhibits remarkable patience and care for our youngest Turner scholars. Her nurturing demeanor fosters a warm and loving environment where children thrive, and families feel valued and supported.   Ms. Romero, thank you for being a BUSD All-Star!

Maribel Romero

Jeffrey Bouschet – Teacher

Jeffrey Bouschet is a phenomenal educator. He is dedicated, passionate, and incredibly talented, with experience in special and general education. His innovative and collaborative approach to teaching knows no bounds, and it’s evident in the remarkable engagement systems he implements in his classroom. Mr. Bouschet’s students produce an impressive quality and quantity of writing, which reflects his enthusiasm for teaching. Jeffrey also possesses amazing skills at orchestrating learning centers and executing effective guided reading practices and Orton-Gillingham strategies with his scholars. Jeffrey’s students respond with great motivation and a love of learning.

Jeffrey excelled in the classroom and took on a districtwide leadership role in spearheading our new language arts program, Open Court. Jeffrey participates in the “Dolphin Pod,” our Sunshine Committee, which has created many fun social outings for our staff. His efforts have fostered deeper staff friendships and a positive work environment. He is a stellar educator, a joy to work with, and very well-respected by staff, parents, and students. Jeffrey Bouschet, you are a BUSD All-Star!

Jeffrey Bouschet

Cliff Nelson – Teacher

Mr. Nelson has a remarkable ability to make all his students feel that they are seen and valued. He builds positive relationships with his students in and out of the classroom. Not only does he do an outstanding job of helping students find their voice through writing, but he also helps them find their own path in this world. He is critical to our Learning Through Interests program and gets students out in the community to explore their potential.

Liberty is truly grateful to have Mr. Nelson. He reminds us to keep the students at the center of all we do. Mr. Nelson, thank you for being a BUSD All-Star!

Cliff Nelson

Celeste Dacanay – Counselor

Ms. Celeste Dacanay joined Liberty High last year and has been a great addition to our team. With her warm and welcoming demeanor, students view her as a safe place to express their concerns and share their joys. She has organized parent workshops, student support groups, and SEL for our staff. Ms. Dacanay coordinates community college sign-ups, FAFSA, and our scholarship applications. She has been an integral part of our Attendance Improvement program, reaching out to our families to see how we can support them.

Celeste Dacanay – Ms. Dacanay exemplifies Liberty’s spirit of caring for the whole child and our community. Thank you! Ms. Celeste Dacanay, you are a BUSD All-Star!

Celeste Dacanay