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Gratitude for Passing Measure C – Facilities Bond

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Posted On: April 4, 2024

Dear Benicia Community,

On behalf of the Benicia Unified School District, we express our gratitude for your overwhelming support for Measure C, a facilities improvement measure. The certification of the election results, which showed that 62.2% of voters supported the measure, is a testament to your resounding endorsement. Your vote was not just for infrastructure enhancement but for our community and our children. Thank you for investing in our future.

A shared vision and collaborative effort from individuals, families, businesses, and local leaders enabled our community to pass Measure C. Your collective decision to invest in the Benicia Unified School District reinforces your dedication to providing our students and residents with the resources they need to thrive. Because of your support, we will continue addressing the much-needed renovations and improvements to foster a safer, more modern, and conducive learning, recreation, and community engagement environment.

Thank you for trusting us to implement a vision for a better tomorrow. Your confidence in our ability to navigate these projects inspires us to strive for excellence. We assure you that we will utilize every dollar invested carefully and responsibly to fulfill our promises. As we implement Measure C, we invite and value your continued involvement. We are scheduling Community Open House events to get your input for Measure C projects and will continue working in unison with the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee to ensure accountability.

Once again, thank you, Benicia Community, for your incredible support and belief in our shared vision. Together, we will continue building a brighter future.


Damon J. Wright, Ed.D.
Benicia Unified School District
Email:   [email protected]