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BUSD All Stars | June 6, 2024

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Posted On: June 6, 2024

Juan Lobo Restrepo

Juan Lobo Restrepo is an amazing member of our Liberty High School team.  With his strong background working with at-promise youth, he approaches our work with compassion and accountability. Juan holds himself and his students to a high standard. He encourages and gleans the very best from his students.

He is a great team player and is always willing to help out wherever there is a need. We are truly fortunate to have Juan in our Liberty family! Juan Lobo Restrepo thank you for being a BUSD All-Star!

Employee Recognition- Juan Lobo Restrepo

Faith Shaw

Faith Shaw is an amazing educator who has dedicated 28 years to BUSD.  We are delighted to have her as our Independent Study teacher this year.  We have all learned that creating positive relationships and community is daunting in a virtual learning environment. However, Faith executes it with such expertise and grace that few of us could hope to match.

She not only supports students as they navigate online learning but also reminds them—and all of us who work with her—that life should be a balance of joy and laughter. We are incredibly fortunate to have Faith Shaw on our team!

Faith Shaw, you are a BUSD All-Star!

Employee Recognition- Faith Shaw

BHS AP Teachers and Support Team

We want to recognize and thank ALL of our Advanced Placement (AP) teachers who dedicate time and expertise to preparing their students for the AP Exams in May. Approximately 400 students took over 800 AP exams in 21 subjects this year. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping our students! Thank you to everyone who helped proctor the exams and coordinate a successful exam season!

BHS Team Thank you for being BUSD All-Stars!

Employee Recognition- BHS AP Teachers and Support Team

Neva Craig

Ms. Neva Craig has worked with the Food and Nutrition Services Department at various school sites for almost twenty years, including Mary Farmar, Robert Semple, and the Central Kitchen. She currently works as the Coordinator for the Food & Nutrition Department.

The CDS program would like to express its deep gratitude to Neva. Her proactive nature is a shining example of her dedication. She consistently reaches out, never forgetting to send daily emails about the specials and taking orders for the day.  Even in cases where she doesn’t receive a response, she takes the initiative to call and remind them. Her meticulous attention to detail, even in the midst of a busy schedule, is truly commendable.

We are very fortunate to have her on our team. Ms. Neva Craig, you are a  BUSD All-Star!

Employee Recognition- Craig

BMS Retirees

As Bob Dylan once said, “these times they are a changing.’” As we close out the 2023-2024 school year, we say ‘goodbye’ to twelve of our dedicated educators: Kris Altman, Lauren Sluga, Angela Biletnikoff, Robin Shishido, Rosann Barbacia, Peter Rodgers, Kris Hansen, Susan McDonald, Kim Steiwig, Ed Millard, Yong Painter, and Linda Zurawaski.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each retiree for their hard work and dedication to making BMS a wonderful place for learning and growth. Their dedication to education has left a lasting impact on our school community, and their presence will be deeply missed by students, colleagues, and parents alike.

We wish them the very best in their well-deserved retirement and look forward to celebrating their remarkable careers. Please join us in thanking them for their extraordinary service and wishing them joy and fulfillment in the next chapter of their lives.

Employee Recognition- BMS Retirees

CDU Retirees

Dr. June Regis has served and led the department for 14 school years, and Diane Altman has worked in the CDU department for 17 years. Teacher Susan has been working for BUSD since 1999 in various roles and locations around the district, and Teacher Pari has been dedicated to caring for our youngest BUSD students and their families since 2010. We wish all of our retirees the best in their new chapters in life! Thank you for your services and for being BUSD All-Stars!

Employee Recognition- CDU Retirees

Lisa Wolfe and Vicki Zimmer

Lisa Wolfe and Vicki Zimmer run the office at Robert Semple Elementary School. They are responsible for completing duties, including daily attendance, supply orders, and overseeing the communication efforts when students are injured or sick. Lisa and Vicki also field calls from parents and listen to and resolve Robert Semple’s school community concerns. Lisa and Vicki keep the “Ship” afloat and have supported all the questions a staff “new” to Semple has. Lisa and Vicki are appreciated, and we thank them for being BUSD All-Stars.

Employee Recognition-Lisa Wolfe and Vicki Zimmer

Tim Rahill and Khushwinder Gill

Tim Rahill, Chief Business Official (CBO), and Khushwinder Gill Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, serve on the BUSD Executive Cabinet and make critical decisions to keep our District and community moving forward. Combined, they have contributed almost twenty-five years of service to our organization and community, and we thank them for their hard work and commitment to excellence. While both successful in their respective roles, Mr. Rahill and Dr. Gill are compassionate human beings who place great care into supporting people. As they transition to the next chapter of their journey, we thank them for their service and know they will always be a part of the BUSD fabric. Mr. Rahill and Dr. Gill, we will miss you dearly. Thank you for being BUSD All-Stars.

Employee Recognition- Tim Rahill and Khushwinder Gill