Benicia Unified School District

Child Find is a legal requirement that commands all school districts to have a process for identifying and evaluating children who have disabilities and may be entitled to special education services.  Students ages 3 to 4 years must live within the district attendance boundaries and may not be currently enrolled in a special education preschool program.

The process is as follows:

Parent/legal guardian picks up the preschool health and developmental packet from the Special Education Department at the District Office, located at 350 East K Street Benicia, CA 94510.  At that time, the parent/guardian will be asked to provide identification and two (2) proofs of residency to establish residency within the district attendance boundaries.

The health and developmental packet must be completed prior for the Preschool Assessment Team contacting the parent/legal guardian to schedule an appointment.

What happens after I submit the health and development packet?

Parent/legal guardian will be contacted by a Preschool Assessment Team member to gain additional information and schedule the assessment.  The parent/legal guardian and child will specialists that may include; a school psychologist, speech and language therapist, special education teacher, occupational therapist, nurse, and/or other specialists as part of the assessment process.

Possible outcomes include:

  • Student skills and development may be found to be within normal limits. Parent/guardian is given community resources including information about the District’s preschool opportunities as well as private preschools in the area.
  • Student may present with speech and language delays that warrant a referral to a district speech/language pathologist for complete evaluation.
  • Student may present with developmental delays that warrant a referral for full multi-disciplinary psycho-educational team evaluation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Special Education Department at 707-748-2640.