Starting Monday, March 14, masks are strongly recommended, but not required.  BUSD will continue to adhere to CDPH guidelines.

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What is a Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is a place where students can learn and practice self-regulation strategies, in a quiet, calm, and orderly space, and experience individual or group activities that help them maintain self-control and focus. The goal being that the strategies learned and practiced, can successfully be transferred back into the classroom and/or home environments. All students have the opportunity to visit the Wellness Center as part of the school’s PBIS process (a Tier 1-2 Intervention). The goal of each visit is a short allotted time where students can make a choice between a few different independent sensory activities (including quiet time), and/or check-in with a trusted adult (Wellness Center Staff) and/or an available Mental Health Professional.

How do the Wellness Centers Function?

Over time additional activities may be added to the Wellness Center calendar. Some additional activities may include: yoga classes, SEL Small-Group Lessons, and/or  mindfulness groups.

A Wellness Center is Not.

The Wellness Center is a place for prosocial behavior. It is not meant as a “time-out” space for students, or for other discipline purposes. If a student comes to the Wellness Center and is not in a learning mindset, the Wellness Center staff will work with them outside the room to practice some calming techniques or suggest another time to return.

Where can I find out more information about the Wellness Center?