Benicia Unified School District

We encourage the use of online pamyents throug MySchoolBucks linked below. However, other payment options include cash, checks or money orders. For more information please click on “How to make deposits into you child’s account” below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How the system works:

The cafeteria at your child’s school is using an automated cash register system. When students enroll in any of our district’s schools, they will be assigned a personal Keypad Number. It is important that each student memorize his/her Keypad Number as this number will be used daily in the cafeteria. Keypad Numbers are confidential; therefore the number should not be given to any other student. This number will remain with your student from year to year until they leave the school. If your child transfers to a new school within our district, a new Keypad Number will be issued at that school.

During lunch time all students purchasing a lunch will “enter” their confidential Keypad Number on a keypad. The current money balance in the student’s meal account will be shown on the computer screen at the Point of Sale. The cashier will then handle each student’s transaction appropriately based on his or her balance. 

All students, eligible for subsidized meals or not, are assigned a number to participate in the lunch program. This protects the anonymity of those students receiving Free or Reduced Meals.

Parents can always request a detailed report on their child’s account and meal transactions, at any time. Requests should be made to the Cafeteria Manager at your child’s school.

I would like to emphasize that the students are expected to pay for the meals daily or pay in advance for all the food purchases. Student meal accounts need to have money in it to be able to purchase ala carte items. 

The balance of a student’s lunch account, if it is in the positive at the end of the year, will roll over to the next school year. For those students who transfer from one school to another school within the district, their lunch account balance (if positive) will be transferred to the new school, and will be available when school starts.

Students leaving the district can either transfer their account balance to a siblings account within the Benicia Unified School District or request a refund or they can donate their account balance to students with negative account balances. Refunds can be requested up to the end of the following school year.

Price of the meals:

All student can have one Free Breakfast and one Free Lunch each day they attend school.

Second Meals price: – Breakfast $2.75 – Lunch $4.50

Ala Carte – Milk $0.50

How to make deposits into your child’s account:

Prepayments are encouraged….Cash, checks or money orders will be accepted; please make check payable to BUSD Cafeteria. Prepayments may either be turned into your school secretary (at the elementary schools) or directly to the Cafeteria Leads at each site. Students paying cash for their lunch will pay at the point of sale while entering his/her Keypad Number. Or you can use MySchoolBucks to deposit money into your child account (it takes 24 hrs for the funds to transfer to the child account and they will charge fee for each transaction).


Click MySchoolBucks to make payments online –