Benicia Unified School District

As required by SB 149 BUSD has a Covid-19 testing plan in place.

BUSD has home antigen tests available upon request in each school office, while supplies last. Please use the barcode to scan the expired tests for the approved extended expiration date.

In the event of cluster cases(3 or more) in classrooms, test kits will be distributed to students in the classrooms with outbreaks. Tests are to be taken at home, not at school.

CDPH has determined home antigen tests are a reliable effect mitigation strategy for identifying covid infections.

For other testing resources within our community go to

COVID Guidance May 2024

Students and staff health and safety is our top priority.  The following information reflects the most recent updates from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), regarding the new guidance updated May 2024. Please visit Safe Schools Hub for more details. In order to continue to maintain best practices related to the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and families, the protocol reflects the most current recommended guidelines. The CDPH recommends the following actions to align with common practice of ALL respiratory viruses. These actions below outline what to do when an individual tests positive for COVID-19, or becomes ill with ANY respiratory virus.

Recommendations for people who test positive / all respiratory virus:

  • You can go back to your normal activities when, for at least 24 hours, both are true:
    • Your symptoms are getting better overall, and
    • You have not had a fever (without fever-reducing medication).
  • When you go back to your normal activities, take added precaution over the next 5 days, such as taking additional steps for cleaner air, hygiene, masks, physical distancing, and/or testing when you will be around other people indoors.
    • Keep in mind that you may still be able to spread the virus that made you sick, even if you are feeling better. You are likely to be less contagious at this time, depending on factors like how long you were sick or how sick you were.
    • If you develop a fever or you start to feel worse after you have gone back to normal activities, stay home and away from others again until, for at least 24 hours, both are true: your symptoms are improving overall, and you have not had a fever (and are not using fever-reducing medication). Then take added precaution for the next 5 days.


*The potential infectious period is 2 days before the date of symptoms began or the positive test date (if no symptoms) through Day 10. (Day 0 is the symptom onset date or positive test date).

  • Should your child test positive, please continue to take the time to fill out the COVID-19 2023/2024 Positive Student Questionnaire  as soon as possible.
  • Employees- please continue to report your covid-19 absence in AESOP/Frontline AND to your supervisor who will notify health services. 

CDPH Sick Day Guidelines:

For questions related to returning to school or work, please refer to the most current CDPH Sick Day Guidelines as this now pertains to all illnesses and individuals.