Benicia Unified School District

Benicia Unified School District believes that quality assessments must drive instruction.  BUSD utilizes both state and local assessments to ensure that targeted instruction and practice is provided for each student. We use data to inform decisions about the efficacy and effectiveness of programming.  This information is also used in the development of our District’s Strategic Plan-LCAP.

State Assessments

The state of California has several required assessments.  Each assessment is outlined below and includes information on the subject matter assessed;  the purpose for which the assessment is designed and used; a link to the state website for more information regarding the requirement for the assessment; approximate information about the length of time each assessment will take and how the results will be shared.  Each school site will send information to families regarding the exact schedules for the assessments.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress: California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is California’s student assessment system. All students in grades 3-8 and 11 take take the Smarter Balanced  Assessment (SBAC) in math and ELA. The California Science Test  (CAST) is another  component of the California state assessment program and  is administered to all students in grades 5, 7 and 10. These assessments provide information on individual student’s mastery of CA standards as well as information to the District on the efficacy of the educational program. Each assessment will be administered over several days in late April and May each year.  Results will be available the following fall through the Aeries portal.

Benicia Unified School District 2022-23 CAASPP results

Benicia Unified School District 2022-23 CAASPP results

Solano County 2022-23 CAASPP results

Solano County 2022-23 CAASPP results

State of California 2022-23 CAASPP results

State of California 2022-23 CAASPP results

English Learner Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC)

English Learner Proficiency Assessment for California measures English proficiency of students whose primary language is not English for students in grades TK-12. The ELPAC assessment is administered over one or more sessions in a one to one setting.  Results will be available via the Aeries portal. The assessment data is used to determine each individual’s mastery of English through reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Results are used to provide support for students in their language acquisition.

Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

Physical Fitness Test assesses the following fitness areas: aerobic capacity, body composition, upper body strength, abdominal strength, trunk strength, and flexibility to students in grades 5, 7, and 9. The PFT is administered during PE classes in the spring and the data is used to support student wellness and physical fitness.

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE)

The California High School Proficiency Examination is a test for students who need to verify their high school level skills. In some cases, students take the test and leave high school early to work or attend college. Those who pass the test receive a Certificate of Proficiency, which is equal by law to a California high school diploma, from the State Board of Education.

CA Dashboard

California Dashboard: This dashboard houses a variety of data that is used to inform Districts about their progress and areas of need as it relates to attendance, performance on statewide assessments, graduation rates, suspensions, and college and career readiness.

The High School Equivalency Test (GED & HiSET)

California has approved the use of two high school equivalency tests (GED® and HiSET®) for students 18 years old and older, and 17 years old in some instances, for the purpose of receiving a California High School Equivalency Certificate. More information can be found on the BUSD Adult Education website.

Local Assessments

BUSD uses several local assessments to monitor student’s progress in mastering the standards.  These assessments are described in more detail below.


NWEA-Map: This assessment is given to all students K-12 in reading and math three times per year.  This assessment allows teachers to identify specific areas of strength and struggle and use this information to support students’ ongoing learning.


This primary reading assessment is used with all students in grades K and 1 and students who are struggling through 5th. 

Math Placment

The California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 requires Districts to assess students prior to their 9th grade year to determine the correct math placement for each student’s success. BUSD uses NWEA-Map assessment in conjunction with the UC Davis Math Assessment.